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NEW studio album coming Fall of 2024
This will be the 10th studio album from Leviathan

Studio album Released in 2022

LEVIATHAN 2022 MoM.png
Mischief of Malcontent
all music by John Lutzow and John Sellers
Lyrics by John Lutzow

Vocals: Raphael Gazal
Drums: Kyle Brian Abbott
Bass: Ronald Perciful
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals: John Lutzow
Guitar and Cello: John Sellers
Mixed at Colorado Sound studios by Kevin Clock
recorded at Ukrainian homestead
Mastered by Your Mom
Artwork: Martin Schroeder
  1. Unfriendly to Humans
  2. Dark Side Down
  3. Rorschach Test
  4. Semblance of Self
  5. The world is watching
 Available in 
30th Anniversary Edition
Includes: Vinyl, CD and digital.
featuring new album artwork by Martin Schroeder 
included Bonus, signed and numbered, unreleased solo album 
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